Affiliate (Referral) Program

Refer members – earn up to $50.00 per subscriber per year

A great program if you have your own web site, have a lot of contacts, or like to post to blogs.

Sample Earnings*
Membership Your earnings
per subscriber/month
Your earnings
per subscriber/year
Platinum memberPlatinum$8.75 $12.50$35.00 $50.00
Gold memberGold$7.00 $10.00$28.00 $40.00
Silver memberSilver$5.25 $7.50$21.00 $30.00
Bronze memberBronze$3.50 $5.00$14.00 $20.00
* Details at our affiliate manager, but to summarize:
  • 35% commission earned if you achieve 1-9 sales in any month
  • 50% commission earned if you achieve 10 or more sales in any month
  • Commissions for life: You'll earn a commission for every sale whenever it's made,
    not just the first

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